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Focus On 23 February 2015
The Egyptian economy has begun to register the first signs of recovery. Renewed optimism has rekindled consumer spending, remittances and tourism and, for the first time, has restored growth to levels unknown for some time.
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Focus On 17 February 2015
The 30th edition of Africa Cup of Nations ended on the 8th of February. But beyond the sporting event, the world has long been eyeing the business opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Focus On 12 January 2015
The Argentine economy continues to experience a period of difficulties. Unsustainable macroeconomic policies have led to high inflation, currency devaluation and economic stagnation. The opportunities must be sought in strategic sectors essential for the development of the country and where there is a shortage of technology and know-how.
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Focus On 24 November 2014
Because of its highly favorable business environment, Vietnam has been gaining stature over the years as a production hub of prime importance for various Italian and foreign companies
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Focus On 16 October 2014
The persistent tension in Ukraine is destabilizing relations between Russia and the European countries, almost reaching the level of “commercial warfare".
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