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Various 07 October 2019
Interview with Alessandro Terzulli, Chief Economist at SACE.
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Focus On 17 November 2017
In recent years, protectionism has become fashionable once again. More than 8 thousand discriminatory measures were introduced globally between November 2008 and June 2017. The most damaged sectors include automotive, metallurgy and instrumental mechanics: these segments account for almost 40% of Italian exports.
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Focus On 17 September 2017
The largest economy in Southeast Asia is leaving the negative commodities cycle behind it. President Widodo’s government is implementing free-market measures and reforms, presenting the country as a symbol of political stability and economic dynamism and attracting foreign investors. The direction taken leads us believe that this is right time for Italian companies wishing to export products to Indonesia, invest, or participate in the development of the country with on-site operations, taking advantage of the many projects planned by the government.
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