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We help Italian companies to grow in Italy and abroad

to help Italy grow

We specialize in supporting Italian companies, especially SMEs, who want to grow in Italy and in the global market.

Through the synergy of integrated skills and insurance and financial services, we offer a unique operating model in the Italian panorama, dedicated to the economic development of the country.

Together we guide Italian companies in choosing markets and managing the risks associated with operating in new and often little-known geographies.

In addition to supporting them abroad, with a role enhanced by the extraordinary measures provided for by the Liquidity Decree, SACE also supports companies in Italy with the aim of helping them to strengthen liquidity, resilience and overall competitiveness. All this with an important focus on sustainability and support for the Green New Deal.

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International Relations

SACE is the Italian Export Credit Agency and an active participant in the major international organizations within the Export Credit industry. SACE’s activities are regulated by the European Union legislation and by the OECD Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits. SACE follows the principles of good practice agreed at the Berne Union, an association representing the main export credit and investment support providers. Together with the relevant Ministries, SACE is a member of the Italian Delegation to the Paris Club for the restructuring of sovereign debts and participates in the major negotiations related to the international regulation on Export Credit, such as the IWG.

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Our history

A solid company with the objective of supporting the development of Italian companies and Italy growth.

Where we are in the world

With 14 offices in Italy and 12 abroad, we support Italian companies locally and we follow the high potential markets for Made in Italy at first hand.
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A double responsibility
The value of what we do is also measured by the attention we pay to the impact of our activities on the environment and stakeholders
More information
Deals SACE - 13 January 2023
Three hospitals with a total of 400 beds will be built in Cabinda, Luena and Huambo thanks to a UniCredit loan of € 222 million for the Republic of Angola Ministry of Finance, guaranteed by SACE and with SIMEST’s rate stabilization and interest subsidies. The initiatives are significant for the Italian economy: as well as representing the first projects that will be implemented by Vamed Health Projects Italy, an Italian company active in design, construction, supply of systems and medical equipment for turnkey hospital projects belonging to the Austrian group, they involve Italian sub-suppliers for the most part. Over the last year, SACE has organized 2 business matching initiatives with Vamed Health Projects Italy, involving approximately 60 Italian businesses and facilitating 35 B2B meetings between the counterparty and producers of medical equipment but also training of staff and commissioning and start-up of the facilities to increase the order’s Italian content.
Case history 26 May 2019
SACE has guaranteed US Dollars 500 million equivalent credit lines granted by banks in favor of Reliance Industries Limited (“Reliance”), parent company of the Reliance Group.
ore 10:30
Business matching SACE
ore 10:30
SACE meets Brazil Top Corporates. B2B opportunities with procurement teams from Petrobras, Braskem, Nexa Resources.
Various 07 October 2019
Interview with Alessandro Terzulli, Chief Economist at SACE.
Focus On 17 November 2017
In recent years, protectionism has become fashionable once again. More than 8 thousand discriminatory measures were introduced globally between November 2008 and June 2017. The most damaged sectors include automotive, metallurgy and instrumental mechanics: these segments account for almost 40% of Italian exports.