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SACE in figures

The numbers say a lot about SACE. They tell the story of a group with ever-broadening horizons, which employs 900 people and has more than 25,000 clients in 198 countries across the world.

Social responsibility

We pay particular attention to the impacts, both direct and indirect, that our activities have on the environment and on stakeholders, pursuing a win-win approach capable of creating value for everyone involved.
SACE offers a wide range of insurance and financial products: export credit, investment protection, financial guarantees, surety bonds and factoring.

buyer credit policy

Obtain financing at competitive rates for purchasing Italian goods and services.

Global Solutions

Advisory services and capacity building programs for ECAs, ministries and international financial institutions
SACE offers a wide range of products and services in order to support companies and banks in their business in the domestic and international market.


Whatever your business, we guarantee our full support

40 years’ experience, €80 billion of insured projects in 198 countries. These are the figures that confirm our continuing commitment, as always, to support any type of company in the development of its business, in Italy and around the world.

Who we are

SACE, a joint-stock company wholly owned by Cassa depositi e prestiti, offers a wide range of insurance and financial products: export credit, investment protection, financial guarantees, surety bonds and factoring.

An offer that is enriched with SIMEST products, ranging from investments in equity capital of companies to subsidised loans and export credit.

It operates in 198 countries, ensuring more stable cash flows and transforming the insolvency risks of 20,000 business customers into development opportunities. 


Our Commitment to Help Italy Grow

We promote Italy’s future by contributing to economic growth and investing in competitiveness.



International Relations

SACE is the Italian Export Credit Agency and an active participant in the major international organizations within the Export Credit industry. SACE’s activities are regulated by the European Union legislation and by the OECD Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits. SACE follows the principles of good practice agreed at the Berne Union, an association representing the main export credit and investment support providers. Together with the relevant Ministries, SACE is a member of the Italian Delegation to the Paris Club for the restructuring of sovereign debts and participates in the major negotiations related to the international regulation on Export Credit, such as the IWG.

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key people

Beniamino Quintieri


Since June 2016 Beniamino Quintieri has been Chairman of SACE, where he was previously in the Board of Directors from 2002 to 2007. From 2001 to 2005 he served as President of the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) and held the position of Italian government's General Commissioner for the 2010 Shanghai Universal Exposition. He is a full Professor of International Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and Chairman of the Manlio Masi Foundation, National Observatory for Internationalization and Trade. He is the author or editor of 20 volumes and over 60 articles published in scientific journals on topics related to international economics, public finance, labor economics, macroeconomics and applied economics. In 2005, President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi awarded him the highest honor of Knight Grand Cross.

Alessandro Decio

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager

Alessandro Decio is the CEO of SACE. He started his career at IMI Capital Markets in London, where he worked for over five years at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, after a MBA at Insead and an experience with McKinsey. He subsequently joined UniCredit to support the Group's international development. He led the banks of UniCredit Group in Croatia, Bulgaria and Turkey before returning to Milan in 2010, taking responsibility for the Global Head of Retail. In 2012 he became Chief Risk Officer of the Group, a member of the CEO Office and the Executive Management Committee. In March 2016 he came into ING Bank Italy, in the position of CEO, and in June 2016 he joined SACE, the new “Italian Export and Internationalization Hub” integrating and strengthening the insurance-financial activities dedicated to support the exports and international growth of Italian companies, according to the 2016-2020 business plan of the CDP Group.

SACE in figures

SACE in figures
The numbers say a lot about SACE. They tell the story of a group with ever-broadening horizons, which employs over 700 people and has more than 25,000 clients in 189 countries across the world and they trace a journey marked by significant aims achieved alongside businesses.
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Annual Report

Annual Report
Day after day, SACE supports the growth and competitiveness of Italian businesses around the world. Take a look at our Annual Report and see the results we have achieved together with our customers.
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Our international network

Our international network
Focusing on new regions, finding potential customers, diversifying asset portfolios. In one word: doing business worldwide. Our growing international network oversees the markets with the greatest potential for Italian exports, at the same time enhancing us to consolidate strategic relationships and partnership with banks, counterparties and institutions.
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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility
Caring for people, the environment and the community: SACE has incorporated the principles of social responsibility into its business model.
Our initiatives
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