SACE is strongly committed to preventing and countering corruption in all areas of its own operations. As a practical fulfilment of this commitment, SACE has equipped itself with suitable business structures within its own system of corporate governance aimed at countering and preventing the risk of illicit actions and has adopted an organisational, management, and monitoring model that is compliant with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2001, as well as a Code of Conduct containing the whole set of ethical principles and values that all employees are expected to uphold. Moreover, SACE undertakes specific know your customer control activities with respect to counterparties directly or indirectly involved in transactions. Thus, we require specific declarations and commitments and perform a careful due diligence to mitigate potential corruption risks.


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Whistleblowing: reports of misconduct

SACE and its subsidiaries make available to all employees and other stakeholders a platform ("whistleblowing") to report possible violations of the 231 Model, the Code of Ethics, internal regulations, both corporate and Group, anti-money laundering regulations as well as the TUF, CAP and MAR (in relation to SACE and SACE BT).The complainant must be aware of the facts in line with the functions performed.

In accordance with the whistleblowing law (Law n. 179/2017), SACE and its subsidiaries guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower, also to protect the latter from any retaliation and/or discrimination that may occur as a result of the report made.

It is possible to submit a report through the simple compilation of a web form by accessing this link directly>>

In that manner, the company cannot autonomously acquire information about the identity of the whistleblower. This information is guarded by legal advisors who in turn don’t have access to the contents of the report nor the identity of the whistleblower