We work in synergy to support the growth of italian companies

We offer concrete support for the growth of the Italian production system

Through the synergy of integrated skills and insurance and financial services, we represent a unique reality on the international scene and offer a unique operating model in the Italian panorama, devoted to the economic development of the country.

SACE is the Italian insurance-financial company specializing in supporting businesses and the national economic fabric through a wide range of tools and solutions to support competitiveness in Italy and around the world. For over forty years, SACE has been the reference partner for Italian companies that export and grow in foreign markets.

It also supports the banking system to facilitate access to credit for companies with its financial guarantees, with a role reinforced by the extraordinary measures provided for by the Liquidity Decree.

SACE holds 100% of the shares of SACE Fct, a joint-stock company operating in factoring, and of SACE BT, a joint-stock company active in the Credit, Surety bonds and Other damage to property classes. SACE BT in turn holds 100% of the capital of SACE SRV, a limited liability company specializing in credit recovery and management of information assets.