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Focus On 19 May 2016
In recent months, the news has been depicting an African continent in difficulty. Economic growth has been the lowest in recent years, and some old "bogeymen" like rising debt have re-emerged. Is the parable of the African economic miracle at risk?
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Focus On 26 February 2016
The slowdown in China (GDP at +6.9% in 2015) should be viewed as an evolution of its economic structure, more oriented in the future toward internal consumption and less on export and investments.
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Focus On 25 January 2016
The differences between advanced and emerging markets had narrowed in recent years, and it was growth in those latter markets that fueled the recovery. Today, however, in the wake of lower commodity prices and a slowdown in Asian demand, we are again faced with the “Old Normal”, or better yet a “New Old Normal”, where the advanced countries have begun to grow again and the others limp along behind.
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Focus On 02 December 2015
The recent events have drawn our attention back to the effects of violence and terrorism on the financial markets and the real economy.
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Focus On 26 October 2015
The perception of Made in Italy, abroad as at home, is still associated with agro-food products. However, they account for only 7% of our exports: the Italian bestseller in the world is our machinery, which generates € 74 billion, almost three times as much.
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