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Scenarios 20 October 2008
Traditional “made in Italy” productions are the most vulnerable to the downturn, while capital good firms are more resilient. Size helps as well as a robust balance sheet, but the key factor for firms to survive through the adverse cycle remains more internationalization.
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Working paper 10 June 2008
An effective index of political risk must take into account the different dimensions affecting the attractiveness of a country to foreign business. In this paper a new conceptual framework to identify the main components of political risk and the key indicators to measure them is developed. The resulting political risk score is robust and more able than existing political risk ratings to assess the multidimensional complex nature of political risk.
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Working paper 26 February 2008
Is it convenient for the countries of Mercosur to form a currency area? This is the question that this paper tries to answer. The new macroeconomic situation in Latin America makes it logical to think if integration among these countries would benefit them. The last stage of integration among countries is a monetary union.
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Working paper 16 March 2007
A new consensus has recently emerged among analysts: we label it here the “Davos consensus” since it has been reinforced by analyses and contributions presented during the 2006 annual World Economic Forum.
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Working paper 20 February 2007
Changes in the global economic and financial markets and the increasing role of the private sector in the economy are among the factors triggering a change in the export credit insurance business model.
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