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Working paper 05 October 2009
The current crisis is one of the most profound in living memory, yet it can be explained by four simple factors.
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Scenarios 05 August 2009
Russian economy has contracted significantly during 1H 2009 and forecast for the full year are rather negative. Oil prices dynamics and capital outflows play a key role but it is the credit crunch that has strongly affected Russian economy.
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Scenarios 05 May 2009
The ANC comfortably won the 2009 elections, attracting 65,9% of the vote, a result fairly consistent with prior years. As a result, Jacob Zuma will be appointed as the next President of South Africa. However the ANC failed to secure a two thirds majority, percentage required to change the constitution.
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Scenarios 29 April 2009
Over the past decades Low-Income countries (LICs) have strengthened their economic and financial position and their debt indicators have dramatically improved...
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Working paper 09 April 2009
The target of my analysis is to investigate the Expropriation Risk in Russia, and in relation to it, to assess the attractiveness and profitability of Foreign Investment, particularly considering the “strategic” natural resources sector.
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