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Focus On 13 February 2017
The Belt & Road initiative is an ambitious development campaign through which China wants to boost trade and stimulate economic growth across Asia and beyond. It hopes to do so by building massive amounts of infrastructure connecting it to countries around the globe. By our estimates, thanks to OBOR Chinese trade could reach USD 2,500 billion iin 10 years.
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Focus On 17 January 2017
Between 2006 and 2016, the "production geography" of the world automotive industry changed: ten years ago, Europe was the leading manufacturer of automobiles with three of every ten cars, while almost six of every ten were produced in the EU and North America combined. In 2015, the “Made in EU” declined to two cars out of ten (four of 10 with the USA), while more than one car in five was being built in China.
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Focus On 22 November 2016
Brazil is experiencing an intense crisis; it is more important than ever now to understand what scenarios it presents for companies already in the country and for those beginning to explore the Latin American markets.
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Focus On 17 October 2016
Italian exports of food products and machinery for their transformation have grown at an increasing pace in the past year, with interesting prospects for future development.
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Focus On 25 May 2016
Capital machinery is the pillar of the national trade surplus. With a value of € 82 billion, the sector represents the front line of our exports, and yet part of its potential is still unexpressed or undervalued.
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