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Focus On 21 October 2015
With over € 5 billion in exports, the United Arab Emirates represents Italy's principal export destination in the Middle East and North Africa, with considerable diversification and a projected increase in exports up to € 6 billion in 2018.
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Focus On 15 September 2015
China is experiencing its third bubble in six years, this time of a financial nature. The Chinese bubble is lifting the veil on stability in the real economies of the emerging markets and their demand for oods and services. SACE has analyzed the top 20 emerging markets for Italian exports to determine which areas will actually be vulnerable to exogenous shocks.
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Focus On 24 August 2015
A year ago the forecasts of crude oil prices dwelt steadily above 100 dollars a barrel (USD/bbl). If price has halved since, its value has not–at least not everywhere. Several countries, more or less known, offer better than ever opportunities for Italian companies in the industry, including SMEs. We have divided them into three groups, indicating risks and opportunities of each.
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Focus On 14 July 2015
After months of negotiations an agreement was reached between Iran and the group of “5+1” (United States, Russia, China, United Kingdom, France + Germany) The agreement provides for the freezing of all sanctions within the year.
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Focus On 23 March 2015
Italian exports of agro-food products accelerated during the 2010-2013 period with respect to the previous three years,and there is an interesting country’s growth potential still unexploited.
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