Lifestyle in SACE

The wellbeing in SACE

The wellbeing in SACE

SACE lifestyle means to be part of a working community attentive to the needs of its people.

Our major value is the constant attention in improving their comfort, through the development of programs of welfare and wellbeing.

We sustain a work-life balance, parenthood, health, equality of gender and diversity inclusion.

Welfare Program

Through the years, we have implemented a series of actions and activities for the improvement of the life of our people.

Our annual Flexible Benefit Plan, an initiative exempted from taxes dedicated to our people and to their families, represents a fundamental pilar of our company culture.

Thanks to our Welfare Plan, we offer a tangible increase of our purchasing power through various choices of a supply of personalized services, such as healthiness, instruction, complementary health care, support to caregivers and assistance to elderly family member not self-sufficient, public transportation and free time.

Flex 4 Future 

Imagine when anyone from anywhere can do anything

In Sace flexibility means to be able to choose when, where and how to carry out in the best way the activities work related. We believe that a working environment based on reciprocal trust and accountability is the right choice to guarantee the wellbeing, to increase the engagement and assure a healthy balance between personal and professional life, giving benefits not only in terms of wellbeing but also of productivity and sustainability.



Flexible working hours

There is no control on the clock in or clock out for all colleagues, no matter what working level they have.
This allows to express a flexibility in a broad sense, where every person of the Company will be able to choose and to distribute in a functional way all its activities.

Smart working activity-based

No limit to the number of days allowed in smart working: our people can choose the space which is more adequate depending on the nature of the activity on which they are working, preserving in any case the “Social capital” of the company, being a sharing organization of people, relations and culture.

4 days week

On a voluntary base every person can choose to work 4 days a week, choosing freely the day off based on a monthly plan agreed with the team.
This does not change or modify contracts and terms.

Programs of Wellbeing

We take care of the wellbeing of our people, taking into consideration the physical, mental, emotional, social and financial status, in order to promote a better all-round quality of life. We offer to our people the possibility of using the company gym, a range of fitness services both in presence and online, classes of nutrition and physical health, besides a complete health policy including a two year check up completely free. We recognize the importance of mental health through a program of championship, a psychological support and initiative of psychoeducation.

We support sustainable mobility through facility public transportation and the use of green means of conveyance.

We support families with a significant school contribution and other flexible options.

From a financial point of view, we give legal, and fiscal advise offering a contribution on the loan to buy the first house and a program of financial wellbeing. From over 30years we support the activities of the Club of the Employes, which offer various initiatives for the free time.

Programmi di Wellbeing

Ci prendiamo cura del benessere delle nostre persone, tenendo conto dell’ambito fisico, mentale, emozionale, sociale e finanziario, al fine di promuovere un miglioramento globale della qualità della vita. Offriamo alle nostre persone la possibilità di utilizzare una palestra aziendale, una rete di servizi fitness in convenzione sia fisici che online, seminari di formazione sulla nutrizione e la salute fisica, oltre a una polizza sanitaria con ampie coperture assistenziali e un check-up sanitario biennale totalmente gratuito. Riconosciamo l’importanza della salute mentale con un programma di championship, uno sportello di supporto psicologico e iniziative di psicoeducazione. Sosteniamo la mobilità sostenibile con agevolazioni al trasporto pubblico e l’utilizzo di mezzi green. Supportiamo le famiglie con un significativo contributo socioscolastico e ulteriori misure flessibili. Dal punto di vista finanziario, forniamo consulenza legale e fiscale con un contributo sul mutuo per l’acquisto della prima casa e un programma di financial wellbeing. Da oltre trent’anni supportiamo le attività del Circolo dei dipendenti aziendale, che propone una vasta offerta di iniziative per il tempo libero.

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