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SACE in figures

The numbers say a lot about SACE. They tell the story of a group with ever-broadening horizons, which employs 900 people and has more than 25,000 clients in 198 countries across the world.

Social responsibility

We pay particular attention to the impacts, both direct and indirect, that our activities have on the environment and on stakeholders, pursuing a win-win approach capable of creating value for everyone involved.
SACE offers a wide range of insurance and financial products: export credit, investment protection, financial guarantees, surety bonds and factoring.

buyer credit policy

Obtain financing at competitive rates for purchasing Italian goods and services.

Global Solutions

Advisory services and capacity building programs for ECAs, ministries and international financial institutions
SACE offers a wide range of products and services in order to support companies and banks in their business in the domestic and international market.


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