Contract-tied facility – Italian supplier identified

With our Buyer's Credit facility you can get access to international financing in hard currencies at competitive rates to purchase capital and quasi-capital goods and services from Italy, also for supply orders involving multiple contracts with different Italian companies.

Who is it for

Medium-large companies which buy goods and/or services from Italy, also to realise construction, engineering and infrastructure works, also in project financing


  • Get access to medium/long-term financing at competitive terms
  • Possibility of fixing interest rate, neutralizing volatility
  • In case of multiple purchase contracts from several Italian Exporters or multiple transactions on a continuative basis with one Italian exporter
  • Refinancing of past export contracts (up to 24 months) which have been completely carried out and for which the exporter has already been paid the whole amount
  • Possibility of taking part in match-making events with selected Italian suppliers