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Caring for the environment

The impact of our external and internal activities on the environment


Our commitment is to promote a culture to protect the environment, spreading awareness of environmental aspects and encouraging responsible behavior. This commitment is addressed both in business activities and in the company's internal environmental management.

What we do within the company

To address the direct environmental impacts within the company, we are committed to adopting eco-friendly strategies and measures such as the reduction of energy consumption, separate collection, waste recycling and the development of Mobility Management programs, to meet the commuting needs through low environmental impact solutions, not neglecting specific training initiatives for its collaborators.

We have implemented a "zero plastic" campaign by replacing all plastic bottles with water bottles, contributing through the purchase of WAMI water bottles to access to drinking water at the Marereni school in Kenya. In addition, the paperless initiative started in 2020 which saw the SACE offices emptying themselves of superfluous paper and halving the number of printers, together with an awareness campaign against the excessive use of paper and encouragement to use digital. .

SACE, together with the subsidiaries SACE BT, SACE Fct and SACE SRV, has received from the TUV certification body the Certification for the Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 which identifies an international management standard for the environment as described by our Integrated Environment and Health and Safety at Work Policy - SACE and subsidiaries. The certified offices are: Rome, Milan, Bologna and Mestre. In the 2020 certification, explicit mention was also made of the new operations attributed to SACE by the Simplification Decree under the Green New Deal, thus extending the validity of the certificate also to the "issue of public guarantees in favor of Green New Deal projects. This operation is expressed in the Field of Application, required by the standard, which contains the boundaries and applicability of the Environmental Management System.


What we do in business

Since 2001, in order to ensure that the environmental and social impact of our projects complies with international standards, we have set up a specific "Environment Unit" and implemented a system of guidelines for the due diligence activities of export operations. credit, not limiting ourselves to a preventive analysis. Depending on the degree of complexity and potential environmental and social impact, we actively monitor the projects concerned, verifying their compliance with international standards over time and collaborating in solving any problems of deviation.

The process of assessing the potential environmental impacts of projects carried out abroad is described in detail here and is based on compliance with the rules and principles contained in the Recommendation issued by the OECD "Common Approaches on Officially Supported Export Credits and Environmental and Social due diligence ".

In line with the requirements of the OECD Recommendation, SACE has a policy for the dissemination of environmental information which provides, among other things, for all operations subject to assessment:

  • ex ante disclosure with the publication of the Environmental and Social Impact Study (ESIA) of category A transactions in the 30 days preceding the final decision on the issue of the insurance guarantee
  • ex-post disclosure with periodic publication after the resolution of guarantee of category A and B transactions.

For further information on environmental and social due diligence, read here

Environmental news

The environmental and social impact assessments for Category A projects
under evaluation are subsequently made available, as is,
the information relating to insured Category A and B projects.

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Enviroment News 04 August 2022
SACE has received an application for insurance coverage for the 'High-Speed Rail - Green Line' project, concerning the construction of a high-speed railway line, approximately 660 km long (from Marsa Matruh to Ain El Soukhna).
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Enviroment News 03 August 2022
SACE is considering support for ‘Project ONE’ which consists of an ethane cracker installation, and associated infrastructure, to convert ethane to ethylene, with a capacity of 1,450 kt/y.
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Enviroment News 27 July 2022
SACE is considering the Almirante Tamandaré Project which consists of construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of a new built spread moored Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading unit (“FPSO”), with processing capacity of 225,000 bbl/d of oil, compression of 12 million m3/d gas and 1.4 MMbbl storage capacity.
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Disclosure ex-post 24 March 2022
Guaranteed transactions - report 2021
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Enviroment News 18 February 2022
SACE is considering support to the "Pengerang Energy Complex" Project for the development of an aromatics complex in Pengerang, State of Johor, Malaysia.
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