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Products SACE - 19 July 2022
More than 500 km of high-speed railway line for the Ankara-Izmir section: a large international project that will make the national transport system more efficient, reducing road traffic and promoting tourism development.
Products SACE - 15 June 2022
The CSN Group is the second-largest exporter of Brazilian iron ore and also operates in the steel sector, in cement production, and in the logistics and packaging sectors. Thanks to SACE’s Push Strategy, the Group will increase its involvement with Italian companies in its development and expansion plans.
Various SACE - 11 April 2022
• Enel, the European Investment Bank (EIB), via its development branch EIB Global, and SACE, the Italian export credit agency, agreed on a multi-country, multi-business and multi-currency facility of up to 600 million euros to support sustainable energy investments in Latin America through sustainability-linked financing instruments • This is EIB-SACE’s first sustainability-linked transaction and the EIB’s largest financing ever given to a private sector entity outside Europe • As part of the agreement, 130 million US dollars were granted to Enel Green Power Perú S.A.C., a subsidiary of the Enel Group, is earmarked to support the development of wind and solar projects for nearly 300 MW in Peru, partially guaranteed by SACE
Various SACE - 04 March 2022
In consideration of the deterioration of the risk in the geographies affected by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, SACE is temporarily suspending the evaluation and acceptance of new risks for export credit activities in Russia and in Belarus. Moreover, with the aim of assessing the scenario on a daily basis and providing utmost support to Italian exporters and the national economic system, SACE has put in place a crisis room involving various functions and will continue to monitor the situation very carefully, updating its position based on future developments.
Deals SACE - 01 March 2022
SACE guaranteed a € 21 million loan from Société Générale to support Italian exports for the supply of a highly energy-efficient waste heat recovery unit to the Brescia-based company. The operation is part of a larger project in Egypt which, due to its importance in the "green" transition, is financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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