Deals SACE - 21 May 2019

United States, Brazil and Bolivia: water and gas flow through Plastitalia fittings

SACE SIMEST, the export and internationalisation hub of the CDP Group, has provided insurance coverage for exports to America by Plastitalia, a Sicilian company specialised in the production of polyethylene fittings, for a total amount of € 475 thousand. The three operations in Brazil, Bolivia and the USA were developed and finalised directly through the new portal, allowing the company to protect its sales abroad against the risk of non-payment, while benefiting from short lead times and simplified processes.

Our partnership with SACE SIMEST began several years ago and has evolved in line with the needs of our company and those of the markets”, said Giorgio Caruso, Managing Director of Plastitalia. “Having a partner of international standing has enabled us to address the challenges of the global market with greater determination and awareness of the potential risks. Thanks to this partnership we have been able to increase our share of the American market, offering our customers a more personalised sales approach, and have achieved important goals in terms of turnover. We will continue to adopt this successful strategy to export to other international markets.”

Plastitalia is a player of global standing in the manufacture of polyethylene fittings for water, gas and industrial fluids. Based in Brolo, in the province of Messina, the company is an ambassador of Italian excellence. It exports its products to five continents, guaranteeing high quality standards recognised by over 70 company certifications. Plastitalia combines environmental commitment with technological innovation at every stage of the production cycle, from research to manufacturing activities, logistics, assistance and training.

This is another example of how SACE SIMEST is a strategic partner for SMEs in Southern Italy looking to approach foreign markets or broaden their international presence. In Sicily, in particular, the hub supported more than 400 local enterprises in 2018, mobilising resources for over € 34.4 million. Furthermore, figures for the first quarter of 2019 exhibit a high level of dynamism in the region.


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