Agreements SACE - 23 October 2019

SACE SIMEST (CDP Group) and UBI Banca sign an agreement for outstanding commercial debt collection on international markets

Thanks to this partnership, the bank’s clients will have a team of specialized professionals and more than 200 agents throughout the world made available to them for managing debt collection activities.

SACE SIMEST, the CDP Group’s export and internationalization Hub, and UBI Banca, one of the key financial players in Italy, have finalized an important collaboration agreement aimed at supporting the bank’s business clients in debt collection activities on foreign markets.

UBI’s business clients will be able to rely on SACE SIMEST’s professionals and on a network of 200 agents and local negotiators, spread throughout the world, who will work on the basis of a success fee-structured tariff. They will manage the different steps in out-of-court and legal proceedings for debt collection, from the negotiation of agreements for restructuring corporate and bank financial liabilities, to the repossession and remarketing of supplies guaranteed internationally.

SACE SIMEST has consolidated experience and a profound knowledge of emerging markets outside Europe, which are often characterized by a complex regulatory framework that makes debt collection complicated, especially for an SME that is not structured for such activities”, said Valerio Ranciaro, General Manager of SACE SRV, a Hub company specialized in debt collection services and information asset management. “Because of this, it is essential that businesses can rely on a partner like SACE SRV, that is capable of intervening quickly and efficiently, including in more complex situations”.

Businesses that decide to expand to foreign markets need partners, including financial ones, with which they can build a solid alliance for growth”, confirms Frederik Geertman, Deputy General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer of UBI Banca. “The agreement with SACE SIMEST aims at further increasing the range of services that UBI Group offers businesses engaged in internationalization, even supporting them in regulatory contexts that are different and complex and that can slow growth plans”. 

With the majority of export transactions concluded by means of payment terms, more and more export businesses incur the risk of missed payments. The unknowns increase when businesses work with counterparties in emerging markets that, while often offering excellent business potential, are not well known and are more subject to instability and external shocks. A suitable set of tools for protecting them and confronting these difficulties is, therefore, fundamental for businesses that wish to pursue growth on international markets, and, in particular, in emerging regions that, in the face of higher levels of criticalities, have greater potential. Although a last resort, debt collection is essential, especially for SMEs, for positively resolving already compromised situations that expose the business to financial tensions.


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