Agreements SACE SRV - 23 January 2020

SACE SIMEST signs a partnership with RINA for international debt collection activities

SACE SIMEST, CDP Group’s export and internationalization Hub, has finalised an agreement for international debt collection activities with RINA. RINA is the primary global player active in the field of testing, inspection, certification, and engineering consultancy services in a wide range of sectors.


More specifically, the partnership involves the management, by SACE SRV - the Hub’s company specialising in debt collection activities - of around 70 proceedings with foreign counterparts.


SACE SIMEST will manage the extra-judicial and judicial phases of the debt collection, thanks to its own global market know-how and to a network of 200 agents and local negotiators spread throughout the world.


“We are very proud to be able to help a historic firm like RINA, which will be able to draw on our unique experience in more complex international markets”, said Valerio Ranciaro, General Manager of SACE SRV. “Debt collection services are of increasing strategic importance for businesses that aim at growing on foreign markets, while confronting uncertainties and the risks connected to them. In just the last year, we have supported more than 100 Italian business in collecting 4.5 million euros in debt”.   


Francesca Bognin, CFO of RINA commented: “At this time of growth for RINA, and of the development of the business on international markets, it is essential that we are assisted by a pre-eminent partner such as SACE SIMEST. We are convinced that the synergies supplied by its network and their capacity to create systems, could truly be an important aid in the development of Italian entrepreneurship throughout the world”.


With more than 150 years of operational history, RINA is one of the oldest firms in the country and - at the same time - a pioneer in the field of internationalisation, having inaugurated its first overseas office in Shanghai in 1885. RINA was established to respond to the need of ship owners and maritime insurers to turn to a third party to assess the safety of ships and their trustworthiness and degree of risk with technical competence. It was the third ship classification register to be established in the world. Over the years, it has widened its competencies, becoming a point of reference in the energy, shipping, infrastructure, transport, certification, and industry sectors.


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