- 02 February 2024

SACE launches the second edition of the ESG Dialogues for Systemic Impact

SACE, the insurance-financial group dedicated to fostering companies’ growth, organized a high-profile stakeholder meeting titled 'ESG Dialogues for Systemic Impact.' This exclusive closed-door gathering brought together influential figures from the world of Italian economics, industry, and institutions. The primary focus of the event was to foster a meaningful dialogue on sustainability issues, delve into the pivotal role of companies as agents of long-term societal well-being, and actively contribute to shaping SACE's enduring sustainability objectives.

This was the second edition of the 'ESG Dialogues for Systemic Impact' by SACE and this year’s event placed a specific focus on biodiversity, identified as one of the most critical global emergencies by the World Economic Forum for the upcoming decade. This emphasis holds particular significance for Italy, a country that elevated the safeguarding of the environment, biodiversity, and ecosystems to constitutional status in 2022. With one of the richest biodiversities globally, Italy, as per the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), leads Europe in the number of animal and plant species, along with diverse endemic habitats.

In a notable addition to this year’s edition of the ESG Dialogues, the event featured Tony Juniper as the keynote speaker. Mr. Juniper is a distinguished campaigner and internationally acclaimed biodiversity expert who also serves as the Chair of Natural England—an instrumental government organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of the natural environment in England. In addition, he is also a Fellow of the Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) at the University of Cambridge.

Furthermore, the meeting aimed to consolidate SACE's strategic initiatives outlined in the INSIEME2025 Business Plan. This commitment highlights SACE's dedication to actively engage with its stakeholders in shaping sustainable growth paths for businesses. By harnessing its comprehensive portfolio of insurance and financial solutions, along with a wealth of relationships and expertise, SACE is determined in its mission to safeguard the well-being of communities.


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