Deals SACE - 09 January 2020

Full speed ahead for AMS Ferrari in Uzbekistan

SACE SIMEST, CDP Group’s export and internationalization hub, stood side-by-side with AMS Ferrari in finalizing an important sale to Uzbekistan to the tune of 2.5 million Euro. AMS Ferrari is a Modena company specialized in the production of plants for processing food products.


In particular, SACE insured a loan that was granted to the Uzbek company for the purchase of an AMS Ferrari beer filling and packaging line worth 2.5 million Euro. Thus, the Hub facilitated the conclusion of the transaction, enabling the Uzbek client to obtain a loan with advantageous conditions and making the Italian commercial offer more competitive as a result.


It is a particularly innovative operation in the world of export credit. The transaction, which was concluded thanks to the initiative of the export coaches, won the Deal of the Year for SMEs at the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Berne Union (the international association that unites public and private institutions active in supporting export credit and in insuring foreign investments).


AMS Ferrari benefited from the new Express Buyer Credit product, through which the SACE Hub insures loans, granted from banks to foreign companies, that are finalized upon the purchase of Italian services and products. The limited size of the transactions (less than 10 million Euro) enables the financing banks’ autonomous management of the documentation, streamlined procedures, and greater speed in delivering the service. There are also many advantages for the Italian firms, which can pair the classic benefits of credit insurance with a competitive financial package to offer their foreign client.


SACE SIMEST has always had a single objective: supporting SMEs in their international growth. In order to do so, as well as consistently investing in streamlining and digitalizing their products, SACE SIMEST has strengthened its team on the field, introducing a new figure. This figure - the export coach - is expressly dedicated to the SME segment and unites commercial competencies (in the export field) with digital skills and coaching. Through the export coach, SACE SIMEST aims to support businesses on the ground, with an approach based on accompanying them to foreign markets, by helping firms to familiarize and orient themselves with, and to choose, the best solutions for their international growth.


Our relationship with SACE SIMEST is, by now, consolidated, but the collaboration has become even more fluid today thanks to the team dedicated to SMEs like us” said Lorenzo Adani, General Manager of AMS Ferrari. “Being able to count on a direct and immediate dialogue with our export coach has been fundamental to realizing this opportunity”.


With almost a century of history behind it, AMS Ferrari is pursuing a strategy of growth combined with creativity and technological innovation, creating bottling lines that are highly regarded throughout the world. Quality, dedication, and flexibility have contributed to the strong growth of the Modena company, which continues to target foreign markets. In fact, AMS Ferrari recently won, with the support of SACE SIMEST, two soft loans to participate in international fairs, to evaluate new opportunities in the United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, and Russia.


With this transaction, SACE SIMEST grows its operations in Emilia Romagna, the 2nd strongest export region in Italy and the home to numerous leading firms that are highly regarded throughout the world. In 2018, the Hub supported 2,000 businesses in the region, mobilizing more than 1.3 billion Euro, via its Turin office.




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