Deals SACE - 05 November 2019

Clean energy for Brazil thanks to Angeli Group

With the backing of SACE SIMEST (CDP Group), Angeli Group has obtained an 370,000 Euro order for the supply and installation of photovoltaic plants in the Latin American country.

SACE SIMEST, the CDP Group’s export and internationalization Hub, has insured Angeli Group’s sales in Brazil. Angeli Group is an important Italian player in the construction sector. Thanks to the local management of the ERA subsidiary Soluções Ecossustentáveis, the Calenzano business has exported photovoltaic plants worth a total of 370,000 Euros to Rio de Janeiro, protecting itself from political and commercial risks with a policy that was directly concluded online on the portal.

“We are excited about having finalized this order in Brazil, thanks also to the backing of SACE SIMEST, which allowed us to present a competitive offer in a region where access to loans is not a simple matter”, said Gabriele Angeli, CEO of the Angeli Group. “This transaction will allow us to consolidate our presence in the Brazilian market, where we have already been active for a number of years, and the partnership with SACE SIMEST will allow us to target more and more other countries”.

Angeli Group is active in the design and construction of building works for real estate, civil, and industrial initiatives. The business is able to offer a service that encompasses all project management activities and boasts expertise that allows it to operate in all the main construction sectors. With different operating sites and subsidiary and investee companies, Angeli Group is a sound, significant firm in the construction market, in which it also operates as a general contractor on big international projects.

This transaction consolidates SACE SIMEST’s role as a strategic partner for the business, which SACE SIMEST is also supporting in relation to an 11 million Euro order for the construction of two photovoltaic plants in the state of Pernambuco.

Brazil, the largest Latin American economy and a main investment hub on the subcontinent, is, according to SACE SIMEST’s latest Export Report, one of three regions where Italy should consolidate its presence. With 3.9 billion Euros of goods sold in 2018, Italian exports are, in fact, predicted to grow by +3.9% in 2019, and even further in the following years, especially in the renewable energy, infrastructure, and agribusiness sectors. Exports from Tuscany, the fifth most important export region in Italy, grew by +17.9% in the first six months of 2019 compared to the same period in the previous year.


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