Environmental and Social Impact Assessment availability for the Dangote Project

The refinery complex plans to produce gasoline, diesel, kerosene, LPG, polypropylene and sulfur with a crude oil treatment capacity of 500,000 BPSD.
The fertilizer complex consists of ammonia (4,400 MTPD), melt urea (7,700 MTPD) and granulated urea (7,700 MTPD) plants.
The location of the two complexes is the Lekki Free Zone (LFZ), a designated industrial Zone in Lekki Peninsula, Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area in the South Eastern part of Lagos State, Nigeria.
SACE is carrying on the environmental and social review of this project on the basis of the ESIAs provided by the Project Sponsor; SACE makes them available without any comment or implied endorsement.
The two ESIAs are available at the following link: http://dangote.com/Investorrelations/environmental-report.aspx

or, under request, via email to "[email protected]"  .

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