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The growth of italian companies is the core of our strategy

Italian companies are the fundamental pillar of our strategy. Today more than ever.

2020 was a year strongly impacted by the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the containment of which has imposed limitations and suspensions on numerous production and commercial activities.

The joint shock, at an international level, of supply and demand together with the uncertainty about the evolution of the pandemic have weighed negatively on global economic activity, causing a deep recession in world GDP (-3.9%).

In addition, exports, the growth driver of the Italian economy, suffered the most important setback since 2009, recording a drop of -9.7%, thus interrupting a ten-year expansion phase.

In this context of unprecedented complexity, SACE has strengthened its commitment to support Italian companies, achieving important results also at an economic and financial level.

Highlights 2020

42,000 € mln
Resources deployed for companies in 2021
supported companies


The challenges of 2020 between unprecedented crises and extraordinary tools

During the year, SACE mobilized a total of 46 billion euros in support of Italian companies, including activities in support of export and internationalization, Guarantee Italy and Green New Deal, serving more than 15,000 companies of which over 90% belonging to the SME and MID corporate segment.

Specifically, the resources mobilized in 2020 to support the international projection of Italian companies, traditional operations of SACE, amounted to 25 billion euros, up by 18% compared to the previous year, given that the transactions completed at € 156 billion at 31 December 2020, against approximately 26 thousand active companies.

Starting from April, in order to contain the negative effects on the Italian economy deriving from Covid-19, SACE's mandate to support businesses was strengthened. In particular, the "Liquidity", "Relaunch", "August" and "Simplifications" decrees resulted in an expansion of SACE's operations also on the domestic market. These regulatory interventions made it possible to mobilize resources for 21 billion euros, through the Guarantee Italy instrument, to support the liquidity of Italian companies, and for 300 million euros to support green projects for the Italian energy transition.

Goals that testify to the countercyclical and strategic role of SACE and its subsidiaries in support of the Country System, were achieved by hitting the profitability and economic sustainability targets, with a ROE of 1.7% and a Solvency Ratio of 449 %.

SACE's support has been and will be further strengthened to support Made in Italy in the world even more strongly. So that exports and Made in Italy continue to be the engine of Italy.

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