Growing with SACE

Enhancing people, our point of strength

We have always been committed to enhancing people. It is essential that they feel they’re at the centre of the business, free to express themselves and grow, because improving themselves means improving the environment in which we work.

Development and training are key elements in our strategy. Because of this, we organize mentoring, assistance and coaching activities, career paths, classroom courses or those in blended mode, e-learning, workshops and learning channels, offering an annual average of 28 hours of training per person. Our training enhances the distinctive abilities of each person for complete personal and professional growth, with a view to continuous learning. We encourage internal mobility and the development of cross-business skills, in order to enrich and innovate the professionalism of those who work with us. Through job rotation, a system we adopted and supported over the years, collaborators have the opportunity to engage with different tasks from their initial ones, thus extending their career opportunities.


Our numbers

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employees involved in training

We invest in young people

We promote the talent of the youngest with a concrete development program. For them, we constructed the Early Career Program, a work placement path that lasts 3 years that, through an induction, training and development path, aims at enhancing newly hired staff. Within the program, there are opportunities for training in Group products, in soft skills, and technical and specialist skills, mentoring paths and personalized development plans.

During 2021, the program involved 87 staff members (55 permanent ones, 32 contract workers).


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Take your talents to SACE!

Visit our careers page and consult our current vacancies to find the opportunity that best suits you. If you cannot find an open position in line with your profile, send us your CV anyway: we will contact you when we have a role for you.

If you need more information on the SACE world, please contact [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.