Growing in SACE



Own your path own your growth!

In SACE you are the one guiding your carrier path!


We have become a Skill-Driven Organization, in which our people and their skills are fundamental to manage the organization of the company in an agile and dynamic way.

In this path the process is focused on our people: Performance Management, Progression and Development are driven by the personal skills.

The performance evaluation in an important moment for the life of the company. It is based on the value of Transparency, and it promotes a strong sense of Accountability, Transversality and it is EPIC-driven. Besides the objectives of performance, for us the behaviors we express are more important.

Performance Management is not only evaluation! We strongly believe in the feedback process as our corner stone to create authentic relations and to help to address and improve behavior and performance.

We dedicate ourselves to implement a Skill-based Compensation, that recognizes and values the skills our people have and their contribution to reach the goals of the company. Furthermore, thanks to the new Skill-based Career Framework we foresee personalized carrier paths, based on the skills possessed and on the professional growth ambitions.

We constantly promote the continuous development of our people, through the creation of personalized development plans based on the model 70:20:10 with which they can favor the acquisition and strengthening of the key competence for their role and for their development.

In SACE we believe that a personalized development plan is essential, since “one size doesn’t fit for all” and every individual possess a unique talent that deserves to be given value to.

70% Development on the Job

We encourage people to propose and to experiment new ideas and new approaches.

The Purpose of SACE can be developed only with the unique contribution and the value of everyone, looking forward with an innovative spirit and openness to change.

Every person is accountable of its own path of training, development and carrier and can move within the Company in a transparent and flexible way, choosing the opportunities of internal mobility and participating to transversal and cross-functional projects.

20% Development initiatives
Craft YOUR growth
Craft YOUR growth

Within SACE our people can design their own path of development and professional growth developing hard and soft skills to move freely within the Company.

In the project “Craft Your Growth: Career GPS” every person can map its own skills, identify the gaps towards the professional profiles desired and receive personalized suggestions that will allow to acquire the needed competence for its own “journey” within the organization.

Furthermore, every person is the owner of its own development and can choose among the initiatives of the Growth Map, the actions in line with its own needs of training and development, within Mentoring, Coaching, Shadow Leadership, Buddy Club, Brand Ambassador and Young Advisory Board.

10% Learning initiatives
Multiply YOUR skills
Multiply YOUR skills

We offer personalized and flexible training according to a logic of continuous learning and of democratization of the apprehension.

The people are free to choose when, how and what to learn through World-Class Learning Platform skill-based, like LinkedIn Learning e Coursera to acquire and train hard and soft skills.