Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Gender Equality

In Sace diversity means value: we sustain the authenticity of our people, encouraging them to express their uniqueness. This contributes not only to the wellbeing of the collectivity, but also to the growth of our business.

We are committed to create an inclusive place to work, in which the differences can live together, and the people feel free to express fully their individuality and their potential.

Diversity offers us nontraditional prospective, and it is a driver of competitiveness in terms of innovation, problem solving and decision making. For these reasons inclusion is a skill of our EPIC model and it is considered a general behavior that has to be accepted by all.

We have adopted a Policy Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Gender Equality and we have launched a Strategy DE&I which foresees a large range of involvement, to incorporate inclusion in our process.

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Women in the workforce

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How? Implementing an inclusive hiring system based on cultural fit, training our people on themes of the DE&I to create a work environment knowledgeable and free of prejudice, supporting the Internal Community through  projects with social impact on the social sector. Last but not least, we have foreseen a program of welfare attentive to the needs of diversity and an ambitious model of flexibility, which is the F4F.

We work on different kinds of diversity, which are a discreet number. On the Gender Equality we have declared our commitment to the Gender Politics, released in accordance to the UNI PdR125/2022.

We are partners of Valore D to share best practices. We also support our colleagues to the Young Women Network, the first Italian association dedicated to the networking, mentoring and empowering of young women. In the same way, we support families and parenthood giving all the necessary contractual instruments and a Community of Parental Buddy dedicated to the new mothers and fathers.

On the stream LGBTQ+, we are Partners of Parks – Free and Equal, we support the networking Edge and we promote generational and intercultural meetings through initiatives of mentoring and cross fertilization. We also sustain the full inclusion of colleagues with disabilities, organizing moments of information and sensibilization on the theme.




We adopt an intersectional approach of Diversity Management in all our actions, fully aware that the differences can add up and enrich the complexity of a person.

We believe in becoming responsible of our people, only if we are the promoters of a real cultural change. For that we have created a Company Community dedicated to the themes of Diversity&Inclusion.

We actively work in the ecosystem of the diversity even outside the company: we talk to Associations, Universities and Institutions to feel the change and create a community aware and future oriented.

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