The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (SDG)


Our commitment to the SDGs takes concrete form, in particular, across seven goals: health and well-being, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, reducing inequality, clean and accessible energy, responsible consumption and production, and the fight against climate change.


Our people are important and their well-being is the key to our success. For this reason, we offer employees a stimulating and welcoming work environment that takes into account the right balance between professional and private lives, ensuring people’s health.


  • Smart working
  • Part-time work
  • Support for parents
  • Certification of the international BS OHSAS standard for managing employees’ health and safety
  • Oncological check-up
  • Socio-scholastic contribution
  • Supplementary pensions
  • Mortgage assistance
  • Fitness area
  • Psychological support
  • Flexible benefits plan
  • Healthcare policy

We promote and protect gender equality to enhance and develop the talents of all employees without distinction. Through targeted initiatives we aim to improve the selection and hiring processes and to promote the development and management of people in order to meet the needs of each employee.


• Membership of “Valore D”


For Italian businesses, we are the reference point in export and internationalization support, a fundamental driver of economic growth. We fund the country’s real economy and contribute to relaunching the national economy, ensuring, at the same time, the full economic sustainability of our business model.


• € 27 billion of resources mobilized during 2021, up 8% compared to 2020


At the centre of our commitment are the initiatives that have a positive impact on the cultural context where we operate. We collaborate with institutions and associations to enhance diversity and strengthen inclusion.


  • Raising awareness, education and communication on forms of diversity in the business
  • Inclusion projects aimed at diversity of sexual orientation, cultural origins, disability and generational differences
  • SACE membership in associations and diversity observers
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We are focused on protecting the environment in all our activities and promote responsible behavior within and outside of the business.


  • Adoption of eco-friendly strategies and measures, like reducing energy consumption
  • Separate waste collection and recycling
  • Development of Mobility Management programs
  • “Zero Rifiuti” initiative: re-use of goods through the donation of business materials with involvement and awareness-raising of employees through encouragement to donate to environmental projects
  • Paperless initiative - which has seen the SACE offices emptied of superfluous paper and the number of printers halved
  • Awareness-raising campaign to counter the use of paper and encouragement to go digital and conversion of paper magazine subscriptions to digital ones

The focus on our environmental impact is an integral part of SACE’s DNA and is summarized in our Code of Ethics. As part of the Green New Deal, the European plan that promotes a clean and circular Europe, we have a central role in Italy’s ecological transition through the Garanzie Green, as stipulated by the “Semplificazioni” Decree-Law of July 2020 (76/2020).


  • For about 20 years now, we have had a specialized unit that assesses the environmental and social impacts of transactions and projects we support. For this purpose, since 2001, we have been applying the OECD Recommendation: Common Approaches for Officially Supported Export Credits and Environmental and Social Due Diligence, a set of guidelines for the environmental and social assessment of export credit transactions, which are also applied to some extra Common Approaches products according to an internal procedure. The Recommendation establishes the classification criteria and tools for measuring the potential environmental impacts, requires compliance with local laws and international standards and defines transparency obligations
  • We have introduced the Climate Change Policy, a set of measures in line with the sector's best practice, which introduces a ban on supporting transactions dedicated to the production of coal-fired energy and to the extraction, productionand transport of “thermal” coal, as well as transactions in the extractive sector that involve the use of routine flaring and fracking techniques
  • We have signed up to the Poseidon Principles, the first agreement in the world between financial institutions regarding climate alignment, with which we commit to monitoring the greenhouse gas emissions in our portfolio in the cruise and shipping sector, in order to verify their compliance with the decarbonization goals established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
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