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Scenari 05 agosto 2009
Russian economy has contracted significantly during 1H 2009 and forecast for the full year are rather negative. Oil prices dynamics and capital outflows play a key role but it is the credit crunch that has strongly affected Russian economy.
Scenari 24 luglio 2009
Rischio operativo: i risultati delle Worldwide Governance Indicators
Acciao: prospettive di ripresa a partire dalla Cina
Scenari 19 giugno 2009
Kazakhstan: appunti di viaggio
India: l'elefante dai piedi di argilla
Scenari 05 maggio 2009
The ANC comfortably won the 2009 elections, attracting 65,9% of the vote, a result fairly consistent with prior years. As a result, Jacob Zuma will be appointed as the next President of South Africa. However the ANC failed to secure a two thirds majority, percentage required to change the constitution.
Scenari 29 aprile 2009
Over the past decades Low-Income countries (LICs) have strengthened their economic and financial position and their debt indicators have dramatically improved.