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Working paper 05 novembre 2010
This paper analyses the impacts of political events in terms of loss, compensation, recovery, risk assessment and pricing both from an equity and credit coverage perspective.
Scenari 30 luglio 2010
Cina: nessuna muraglia frena la crescita
Working paper 28 luglio 2010
Il documento ha l'obiettivo di fare il punto sui settori navali e shipping, e relativa operatività di SACE, dopo il forte impatto negativo generato dalla caduta del commercio internazionale nel 2009.
Scenari 11 maggio 2010
2009 was a very difficult year for the steel sector. Since the second half of 2008 the effects of the global crisis have dramatically affected the sector and in 2009 steel experienced a severe contraction of production and demand. Analysts forecast a strong recovery for 2010 and global steel production is expected to return to grow.