Environmental and Social Impact Assessment availability for the Sakarya Gas Field Development (Phase I) Project

SACE is assessing the Sakarya Gas Field Development (Phase I) Project to extract, transport onshore and process natural gas from the Sakarya Gas Field (Block C26) located in the exclusive economic zone of Turkey, off the Western Black Sea Region, 165 km offshore from Filyos, at a depth of approximately 2,200 m. The project includes several units: i) the Subsea Production System (SPS) in Sakarya Gas Field ii) the Onshore Production Facility (OPF) in Çaycuma district of Zonguldak province iii) two offshore pipelines for gas transportation from field to OPF and MEG transportation from OPF to field and iv) an umbilical, all including shore crossings (SURF). Under Phase 1, natural gas will be produced from 10 wells with production capacity of 3.5 billion m3 per year.

SACE is carrying on the environmental review of this project on the basis of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) provided by the project company; SACE makes it available without any comment or implied endorsement.

A copy of the ESIA is available at the link https://tp-otc.com/en/sustainability/environmental-and-social-impact-assessment-en/

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