Environmental and Social Impact Assessment availability for the Mozambique LNG Project

SACE has received an application for the Mozambique LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Project, for the development of offshore natural gas extraction fields, including offshore pipelines, a liquefied natural gas plant, storage and a marine loading facility, in Northern Mozambique.

SACE is carrying on the environmental review of this project on the basis of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EIA) provided by the applicant; SACE makes it available without any comment or implied endorsement.

A copy of the ESIA is available on the Project Company website at the following link, or under request, to be addressed to:

SACE - ARI - Unità Ambiente - Piazza Poli, 37/42 - 00187 Roma – Italia

or, via e-mail to: “[email protected]
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