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Code of ethics and supply chain


The Code of Ethics expresses the values ​​and principles to which directors, statutory auditors, auditors, managers, employees, collaborators and third parties with whom we have relationships must comply. We promote knowledge and compliance with the Code also with specific contractual clauses within the operations of each of the group companies. This means that external parties also relate to our company in compliance with the same principles. These values ​​and principles also apply in the acquisition of goods and services.

Compliance with the principles of effectiveness, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, free competition, equal treatment, non-discrimination, competition between economic operators, transparency, proportionality and publicity is fundamental.

Therefore, the purchasing processes are based on pre-contractual and contractual behaviors inspired by these principles and suppliers must also comply with the same principles in commercial relations. The selection of suppliers takes place through an in-depth assessment of both the economic and financial aspects of the same, and the possession of adequate technical-commercial requirements. For more information visit the calls and tenders section.


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