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Caring for people

People are our excellence


Our people are essential to our businesses and services. We promote the enhancement of all employees and the quality of their life through programs and initiatives aimed at improving both the professional and personal spheres.

SACE and SIMEST have a total of 1004 employees, of which 507 women and 497 men (50.5% women - 49.5% men). Employees with a degree higher than or equal to a three-year degree, represent 82% of the total population and have an average age of 42 years. 79% of the female population has a degree higher than or equal to a three-year degree and has an average age of 43 years; 85% of the male population has a degree higher than or equal to a three-year degree, with an average age of 42 years.

We offer our collaborators numerous welfare programs concerning work-life balance, policies to promote the role of women and intergenerational dialogue and the full integration of human resources with disabilities.

We actively support parenting by guaranteeing the return of compulsory maternity, up to the child's first year of life, teleworking, smart working and if the workers request it, part time. Working mothers are also granted a series of extraordinary paid leave, to be used during working hours, for the different needs they encounter, including the carrying out of mandatory vaccinations (the latter also extended to fathers).

In addition to the welfare institutes envisaged by the Collective Contracts of the Sector (insurance and banking), the numerous supplementary benefits provided for by the Level II Contract and by the Company Regulations are added for employees, such as, for example, the recognition of a socio-school contribution, the contribution mortgage and supplementary pension. In addition, with a view to health protection and prevention, specific assistance coverage is provided (health policy also extended to members of the employee's family unit, accident policy and TCM coverage), as well as the possibility of taking advantage of a check-up.

In 2020, there were several people caring programs aimed at parent employees to support them in raising their children with a view to better work life integration: programs, specific for the different ages of their children, to successfully face the main challenges of parenting, in critical stages of growth.

In addition, a free and anonymous remote telephone support service has been activated for all employees to contact if you feel the need for listening, support, or if you need to have specific information in the legal and financial fields. The telephone listening line aims to help manage everyday life in the best possible way, limit stress factors and promote well-being and quality of life at work.

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Our commitment to the community


With our initiatives and activities aimed at the outside, we aim to create value with support for local communities:

  • Support for the HospitalPapa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo, one of the health facilities involved on the front line in the management of the Covid-19 emergency
  • Collaboration with the Foundation "Albero della Vita Onlus", to give hope and assistance to the Italian children and families most affected by the crisis generated by the global pandemic. With the support of SACE, the foundation will be able to guarantee, for 3 months, the satisfaction of the primary needs (food, drugs, detergents, etc.) of 150 children, belonging to 60 families in the Ponticelli district of Naples, who have lost every type of economic income.
  • Support to the Isaia Foundation for a social recovery project in an area where SACE is present with an Office. This is a tailoring training course, intended for 15 young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods and/or families who, within their community, have shown above-average potential (academic performance, creativity, will).
  • Initiative for a Scholarship in the name of Giuseppe Travaglino, a late colleague, for a member of the IPE - Business School Master in Advanced Finance and Risk Management.

The certifications we have obtained

As evidence of our commitment to the safety and health of workers, we have obtained the UNI ISO 45001:2018 certification (attached), as described by our Integrated Environment and Health and Safety at Work Policy - SACE and its subsidiaries.

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