TOGETHER towards sustainable horizons

2022 Non-Financial Statement SACE Group

The Non-Financial Statement 2022 for us at SACE Group, represents not only a set of achievements, but a starting point for the years to come, from which to chart a path that will lead us TOGETHER towards sustainable horizons, for a new model of balanced and inclusive development for our Planet.


Through the materiality assessment, we have identified the following material issues, explored in depth within the Non-Financial Statement 2022:

  • Support for Internationalisation and Exports 
  • Emergency Instruments and Liquidity Facilities
  • Sustainable and Green Finance
  • The EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities
  • Support for SMEs and Potential High-Growth Enterprises
  • Customer Centricity and Product/Service Quality
  • Innovation and Digitisation
  • Safety and Welfare for a Quality Company Life
  • Human Capital Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Commitment to the Community
  • Direct Contribution to Protecting the Environment
Through these, we re-traced the evolution of the business and results reached. 
In a 2022 characterized by ever-changing complexity as a result of the pandemic shock and the aftermath of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, we at SACE Group have continued to support the competitiveness of Italian companies, supporting them in export and internationalization projects, liquidity needs with SupportItalia Guarantee, and investments in sustainability as implementers of the Green New Deal in Italy.
0 billion €

Of guarantees and liquidity support

of which

22 billion €

To support the activities of Export, Internationalization and strategic relief of enterprises

29 billion €

To support the liquidity of enterprises

3 billion €

For enterprises' green projects

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TOGETHER towards sustainable horizons

2022 Non-Financial Statement SACE Group